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Some natural disasters that happen where I live are earthquakes, fires, and prolonged extreme heat. We have prepared at school for fire drills, earthquake drills, shelter in place drill, and an intruder drill. For a fire drill, we have an alarm and all line up and evacuate in a single file and organized and go to the basketball court and line up in lines. I actually made a little list of what to do:


For an earthquake drill, the speakers from the office tell us when it starts and when it ends. Every one gets under their desks and tucks under and holds the desk legs. Click this little link to watch a little slide show/ video.


In a shelter in place drill, we seal the doors and windows. This drill is in case there is toxic fumes or chemical spills outside.


And finally, in a lock down (intruder) drill, we lock all the doors and windows and turn down the lights and be silent and wait for it to be clear. Click down below and watch the next slide show.


At home we really haven’t discussed it. I haven’t really experienced any of these except for prolonged heat, which here we call it summer, lol,  anyway… That’s really it and I have no advice to give because I haven’t experienced any of this in my lifetime.


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  1. I really like how you give us specific steps on your drills. We have to do the same drills in my school accept for the shelter in a place drill. Which one do you hate the most?

  2. Good details and I think it is important to make a list of things to put in a kit because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  3. Dear Miranda,
    Now I know!!! Wow! Nice way on organizing! I havent Experience and “Earthquake” or “Fire”, yet! Thank you for telling me the proper procedure!
    I can’t wait to make more friends like you! Visit and Comment on me too!!

    I am looking forward for your comments.


  4. They are life saving drills, so they are very important to learn. Your school must keep you very safe, so you are lucky to be there.

  5. I don´t ever had big disaster, but I think it is important to prepare it from now. Thank you for telling what should we do in disaster.

    This is my blog!

  6. Hi Miranda,

    Around where I live, we don’t get that many earthquakes. We mostly have tornadoes and sometimes we have fires. I think that’s it’s important that more people are informed what to do in these disasters. I would love it if you could check out my blog!


  7. Hello Miranda!

    My class and I enjoy reading all the interesting information about some natural disasters! Well done! Everything was quite organized! Good idea with the video!
    Where we live, in Portugal, earthquakes don´t happen often fortunately! But we have draughts, for example!

    If you would like to visit our class blog, go to:

    Thanks for sharing some good ideas!
    Maria José Paiva

  8. Hi Miranda,

    I am really interested in what you have written about the fire and earthquake drills because in my school we don’t really do many fire drills and definitely don’t do any earthquake drills because we are in the middle of a tectonic plate. We are also learning about earthquakes. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks and Happy Blogging,

  9. Your post is so cool! This is great for all kids to look after. I think that calling 911 should come first, but sometimes, people can’t call 911 right away. Keep up the good work!

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